Trauma Therapy & Abuse Counseling

Trauma Therapy and Abuse Counseling

We often hear of post-traumatic stress (PTSD) associated with soldiers returning from war, but similar emotional conflict can result from experiencing other traumatic events like a serious accident, physical assault, the unexpected death of a loved one, a natural disaster or by living through an abusive relationship (including sexual or emotional abuse).

How PTSD Therapy Can Help You

It has been said trauma does not recognize that time and space has changed. In other words, in trauma, you may find yourself reliving the pain of your past in your present life, or avoiding the people and places that trigger your memory (whether consciously or not).

Even if these events occurred many years ago, the emotional impact can include lingering feelings of shame, anger, nervousness, fear or even guilt that can disrupt your life for many years afterward.

Overcome Your Past Through Trauma Counseling

Through my approach to trauma therapy and abuse counseling, I can help you transcend the damaging influences from your past so you can live with more ease and more happiness in the present, where life is meant to be lived.

You can read more about my approach to therapy on my Home page and My Approach page, or contact me for a consultation. I look forward to helping you feel better.