Teen Psychologist & ADHD Counseling

An Understanding Teen Psychologist

Teenager Counseling

I will go out on a limb here and say that a frequently unspoken truth is that many people (including too many psychotherapists) are sort of afraid of teenagers. Their feelings and behaviors can be confusing and unpredictable to parents and other family members. Teenagers are not children anymore, but they are not quite adults either. They often fluctuate between acting more mature than their years and acting like younger children again.

Listen to my excerpts from a Columbia University radio interview on pressures and challenges that teenagers experience today:

Understanding the actions of teenagers can be difficult, and I see it as my job to make sense of those actions, and to figure out how to address their behaviors and emotions in a constructive manner. I can help your teen get on a better course.

ADHD Counseling

Teenagers with ADHD often do not only suffer from attentional difficulties in school. ADHD can negatively impact self-esteem and can help cause depressive or anxious disorders as well. Psychotherapy can help address these intermingling issues in a comprehensive and systemic way. It is important to treat a child as a complex human being. Sometimes taking a pill is just not sufficient. My approach can help.

Helping Your Teen Better Understand Himself/Herself

Teenagers can present with a variety of problems, including low self-esteem, withdrawal from others, moodiness, temper outbursts, anxiety, ADHD, and depressed mood. Behavioral problems can include poor school performance, truancy, aggressiveness, sexual promiscuity, and drug and alcohol use, among other difficulties.

I have helped many, many teenagers with these kinds of problems and can offer a strong skill set to help your teenager with these types of problems.

A Psychologist for Teenagers With Extensive Experience

Before I went into full-time private practice, I worked for many years as a teen psychologist with adolescents who demonstrated severe emotional and behavioral problems, including working for five years with teens who had to be removed from their home because their behavior was too disruptive to themselves and others. My point here is that I have virtually “seen it all” as a teen psychologist and am comfortable and experienced with treating teenagers and in relating to them.

If the therapist cannot earn the trust of the teenager, the rest of the therapy will be useless. I consider myself a skilled and resourceful psychologist for teenagers who can help emotionally reach your teen in order to bring about positive change.

You can read more about my approach to therapy on my Home page and My Approach page, or contact me for a consultation. I look forward to helping you.