Parenting Counseling

Parenting Counseling From A Therapist Who Understands Your Challenges

Parenting is the most important job of all, and yet parents get such little training and help with this huge responsibility. Under the best of circumstances, there are times when raising a child can be a trying and consuming endeavor. But if you have a child who demonstrates difficult behavior problems, or is oppositional/rebellious, parenting can be especially challenging.

Furthermore, if as a parent you are receiving very little support (or none whatsoever) from family or a partner, parenting can be downright overwhelming.

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy and Family Therapy in NYC

I offer parenting counseling and family therapy to provide emotional support and guidance based on sound psychological parenting methods. I offer various behavioral and psychotherapeutic techniques to help make your parenting more effective, less strenuous, and more gratifying for you and your children.

You can read more about my approach to child-parent relationship therapy on my Home page and My Approach page, or contact me for a consultation. I look forward to helping you.