Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Stephen Shainbart’s Approach To Therapy

How do I work with clients in therapy?

In the same manner I’m writing now – directly and clearly, without vagueness or mystery.

My approach is based on a collaborative model, where I treat you as an equal because you are an equal, and where we engage in mutual conversation. I believe you have a right to know what I think and why I think it.

Each person’s unique difficulties – whether it be depression, anxiety, relationship problems, career problems, sexual issues, trauma, or the many other dilemmas people struggle with – present different challenges. Nevertheless, I believe that all of us, regardless of our difficulties, possess the resources for psychological growth. I see myself as a catalyst to foster that positive growth and I will give you constructive feedback during our time together.

An Interactive Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist

The purpose of my work is to decrease your suffering while helping you fulfill your unique potential as an individual. To help you achieve that, I will give you constructive feedback during our time together. My years of training have equipped me with various skills and resourceful approaches to guide you through the therapeutic process.

For example, one skill is my ability to understand many self destructive and counterproductive patterns (often unconscious) that you may fall into. Other skills that I offer are my use of constructive questions to build your self awareness, and knowing when to be a bit firm and nudge you into greater discovery, and when to be more gentle instead.

Collaborative Counseling for Individuals and Couples

I view you as my partner in the therapeutic process. I will supply the above-mentioned skills. However, you come into therapy knowing about your life – your past and present experiences, and your thoughts and feelings. Eventually something wonderful happens. Over time, not only do I learn about your life and your history, but you learn the skills to better understand your own psyche, and you will become familiar with your self-defeating patterns. We learn from each other, and you come to understand yourself better. Eventually, you will become more empowered, because you will be much more aware of yourself. And it is from that awareness that you will make many positive changes in your life.

You can read more about my treatment areas for Individuals, Couples and Teenagers. You can also visit my blog to learn more about how I think, to see if we seem like a good match.